Flavors of the new season in Donaire

May 23, 2024

Welcome to the new season of Donaire! Our kitchen team has been working to create a menu that takes our guests on a journey full of unique flavors.

New snacks to whet your appetite

If you want to have dinner in Tenerife, we offer you one of the main attractions of this new season at Donaire: the delicious snacks we have prepared to whet your appetite!

The liquid millet roulade stands out, a crunchy bite full of flavor that will leave you wanting more. This snack is a unique creation that plays with texture and the contrast between liquid and solid. All this is wrapped in a millet flavor that will captivate all your senses.

Another dish that will surprise you is smoked eel and green mojo, an explosive combination of textures and aromas. It is a unique flavor, directly from the most authentic corners of the Canary Islands. The character of the green mojo perfectly balances this delicate combination of smoked eel.

Main dishes full of personality

The main dishes are, without a doubt, the true stars of this new season at Donaire. Some of the most notable are beetroot, male vinegar, Aquanaria sea bass, and goat chantilly.

We play with flavor contrasts to show that avant-garde cuisine can go hand in hand with the freshest local products. We enhance the value of the vinegared beet in sweet and sour male vinegar, while the sea bass from Aquanaria, a sustainable fish farm from our coasts, adds texture and quality to the dish. All crowned with delicate goat chantilly.


Another must-try is “Chipi,” a flame-cooked squid, spinach, and beans dish. It pays tribute to the traditional flavors of the island but with a personal and contemporary touch that makes it a true delight.

Local white fish

You can’t miss the local white fish in a tapioca casserole with sea lettuce if you are a big fish lover. This creation demonstrates Donaire’s commitment to the products that our coasts offer. The local white fish becomes the protagonist on a soft tapioca casserole accompanied by previously dehydrated sea lettuce.

Desserts worth remembering

The desserts will undoubtedly leave you speechless. Our team, led by chef Jesús Camacho, has created an actual work of art with Humide.

This dessert is a true challenge to the senses, a direct allegory to earth, humidity, and forest. Its well-defined flavors, typical of salty cuisine, stand out: trumpet of the dead, a mushroom with a deep taste and meaty texture, and truffle, a seasonal product.

It is a dessert that will become the perfect finishing touch to close an unforgettable dinner in Donaire.

Dine in Tenerife and discover the flavors of Donaire

With the arrival of the new season in Donaire, you will enjoy an authentic avant-garde menu with local elements. So don’t hesitate and reserve your table at Donaire to live an unforgettable gastronomic experience. We will wait for you!