The gastronomic project of the Donaire restaurant resides in its great team. Professionals trained on the best stoves on the islands, on the Peninsula and in the world led by Francisco Expósito, chef, and Miguel Reyes, head of room, a tandem that combines talent, exquisite training and passion for service. Ahead of the New Canarian Cuisine.



Young but experienced chef dedicated to extracting the soul of the raw materials of the islands, worked with respect and maintaining the maximum traditional flavors, but giving them a new dimension through cutting edge techniques and delicate and glamorous presentation. His innate adventurousness is reflected in his cuisine, and his obsession with giving his creations a recognizable author’s stamp keeps him in permanent search, both in his territory and dreaming of other horizons.


Sous Chef

The young chef Rubén Pérez is a cooking enthusiast. That is why, since he graduated in 2007, he has not stopped training in large kitchens such as hotel Bahía del Duque or the Gran Hotel Costa Adeje, until in 2017 he joined the exciting gastronomy project of Donaire.

Rubén, admirer of the delicate, beautiful and contemporary cuisine of Francisco Expósito, has been working since 2017 as a bright and passionate sous chef of the restaurant.


Head of room

Knowing the highest standards of quality thanks to his training and work in large halls in Tenerife, Miguel Reyes shows off his training both in his high level of service and in his design of the the Russian-style service, in gueridón, with which he playfully projects the kitchen of Expósito to the room through the team of waiters.


Pastry chef

He began by working at on El Patio, the first Michelin star in the Canary Islands, where he discovered his vocation: pastry making, in which he trained himself.

In his constant subsequent training, however, he has taken courses in Chocovic and with the “stars” of the sweet Frederic Bau, Jordi Butrón, Oriol Balaguer…

In 2020 he received the award for Best Work in Pastry 2020 at the XXXV Gastronomy Awards of Diario de Avisos.


C/ Fernando López Arvelo, 1
Costa Adeje, S/C de Tenerife, Spain
Victoria Hotel, 4th Floor

Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 19:00 to 22:00

+(34) 922 987 177

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