The role of dessert in a tasting menu: the finishing touch

May 28, 2024

Why is dessert important on a menu? In gastronomy, dessert on a menu plays an irreplaceable role as the finishing touch that culminates an exceptional culinary experience.

For this reason, at Restaurante Donaire, we dedicate special care to this final menu component. We know it’s the last item on the menu and will leave a lasting impression on our guests.

A menu is a gastronomic journey, where each dish is designed to guide the diner through different flavors, textures, and emotions. In this context, dessert becomes the highlight of the experience.

Dessert in a tasting menu: more than a simple sweet

At Donaire, we understand that dessert on a menu is not simply a sweet at the end of the meal. Instead, it is an opportunity to elevate the dining experience even further. Our desserts are created with the same level of attention and creativity as the main dishes, seeking to surprise and delight diners.

In Donaire, the pastry stands out thanks to the figure of Jesús Camacho. Before being our chef, he was a pastry chef, and with his meticulousness and pastry art. He creates great desserts that can be enjoyed at Donaire.

Additionally, it was named as one of 12 featured chefs in the 2023 Cercle V. de Valrhona global calendar with his Doré creation.

Amalfi: A Sensory Journey to the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi dessert is a true delight for the senses, inspired by the flavors and colors of the famous Italian Amalfi Coast. Starting with a delicate lemon sponge cake base, this dessert is elevated with a creamy and fresh lemon and basil mousse, adding freshness and subtlety.

But the real star of this dessert is the olive oil, which is dripped onto the surface. This creates a visual effect and notes the flavors’ balance and complexity.

When tasting Amalfi, diners are transported to the steep, colorful streets of Positano or Ravello. With each bite, you will discover layers of citrus freshness, aromatic herbs, and the richness of olive oil.

Mont Blanc: a classic from the Donaire Tenerife restaurant

On the other hand, the Mont Blanc dessert is a delight of the Donaire experience. A classic of Donaire gastronomy. On the base of the spongy spice cake is a generous portion of fried banana. This provides a soft texture and balanced sweetness. Using a local product, such as the Canary Islands banana, is vital to the final result of this dessert.

However, the distinctive touch of this dessert is found in the inclusion of yogurt and sesame seeds. The yogurt provides freshness and a subtle acidic touch that counteracts the sweetness of the banana. Likewise, sesame seeds provide a crunchy texture.

Humide: a featured dessert from the Donaire Tenerife Restaurant

The most striking dessert at the Donaire Tenerife Restaurant is the Humide. This dessert has a combination of flavors and textures that make it unmistakable. This creation begins with a truffle base, whose intensity and elegance add a touch of luxury to the experience.

On top of this truffle layer, a soft and creamy layer unfolds, made with the delicate trumpets of death. Death’s trumpets are a wild mushroom that provides a subtle earthy and umami note.

Another element that elevates this dessert to new heights is the salted caramel that crowns the creation. Breaking the surface, an explosion of sweet and salty touches will create a captivating contrast on the palate.

Dessert, the final element that leaves a lasting impression

Dessert on a menu is much more than a sweet closure at the end of the meal. It’s quite an experience. At the Donaire Restaurant in Tenerife, we consider it an essential part of the culinary experience. Book a table with us to try them.