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Donaire’s team and spirit

At Donaire – a name that conveys modesty and bravery in equal proportions – we emphasise freshness, purity, and elegance in every dish.

The soul of the restaurant is made up of a great team of professionals who share talent and passion.

Jesús Camacho


Self-taught and creative by nature, he brings to Donaire's cuisine his knowledge and his innate desire to give his sweet and savoury creations a recognisable signature flavour. Jesús has managed to capture the discipline, meticulousness, and creativity of the patisserie in the main menu.

He discovered his passion for pastry making when he started as a pastry chef at El Patio (first Michelin star in the Canary Islands). Since then, he has been in constant search for excellence and originality in his dishes.

He took courses at Chocovic and with the "stars" of the sweet world Frederic Bau, Jordi Butrón and Oriol Balaguer. In 2020 he was awarded at the “XXXV Premios de Gastronomía de Diario de Avisos” with a special award for his work: Best Work in Confectionery 2020.

Through his inventiveness and preparation, he presents dishes of excellent quality so that diners can take away with them the memory of a unique experience.
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Rubén Pérez 

Sous Chef

Rubén Pérez, brilliant and passionate, is an enthusiastic cook and has been sous chef at Donaire since 2017.

As the chef's right hand he is involved in the creation and execution of the menu.

He graduated in 2007, and since then he has not stopped training, working in top level kitchens such as those of the hotels “Bahía del Duque” and “GF Gran Costa Adeje”.

With a true passion for haute cuisine, Rubén treats the product with care and brings his experience to the table so that each dish tells a story.
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Paula Andrea Rojas 


She is a lover of wine and flavours and stands out for her career in the world of oenology. As a result of her brilliant career, she has established herself as the ambassador of local and international flavours, turning Donaire's evenings into a delight for lovers of good food and wine.

Our sommelier has been in charge of creating Donaire's Canarian wine list, which was the winner of the XIX Edition of the Regional Competition of Wine Lists for Hotels, Restaurants and Specialised Shops.

Thanks to her extensive professional background, Donaire's gastronomic experience is completed with a pairing of local and foreign wines that enhance the flavours of the dishes.

Her work is a fundamental pillar within our staff, using her knowledge to recommend and even surprise with the best of our wine cellar.
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Miguel Reyes


In Miguel Reyes, experience, and the demand to provide the best service are combined. He knows the highest quality standards thanks to his experience and training in the best restaurants in Tenerife.

He leads a brilliant team that will make your visit to
Donaire a unique and unforgettable experience. His ability to work as a team with chef Jesús Camacho and, at the same time, to coordinate the kitchen and dining room staff so that they work in total synergy is evident in his customer service.

His aim is that diners always feel cared for with an exquisite service that accompanies the high quality of our cuisine, and that each customer takes away a unique and memorable experience.
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At the Donaire restaurant we are committed to local product and the artisan work of the island’s small producers and merchants.

Visit us and taste a vibrant cuisine full of flavours and exquisite sensations.

Postre de alta cocina en Donaire


En Donaire, apostamos firmemente por el producto local. Apoyamos a los pequeños productores y comerciantes de la isla que brindan la más alta calidad en cada uno de los ingredientes que conforman nuestra oferta culinaria.


Eating in Tenerife is an experience full of colours and flavours, with wonderful surroundings and scenery. Donaire is located in the middle of them, and its incredible views accompany the excellent cuisine we offer. A feast for all the senses and an unforgettable experience that we are sure you will want to repeat.