Behind the scenes at Donaire: gastronomy in Tenerife

January 8, 2024

If you want to taste haute cuisine in Tenerife, Donaire is a restaurant where we bet on the best products from the region. Thanks to local producers and farmers, Tenerife is an island with quality ingredients.

At Donaire, we offer exquisite dishes and the best local wine in a unique and cozy atmosphere. If you want to surprise your companions with an unbeatable dinner, visit us.

Local product is our priority

The gastronomy in Tenerife is reflected in our culinary proposal, prioritizing local products in our dishes.

Our kitchen team, led by Jesús Camacho as main chef and Rubén Pérez as sous chef, creates dishes highlighting the local product’s freshness. Therefore, the direct and close relationship with local producers is a crucial part of the success of our dishes.

The same happens with our wine list, which features a wide selection of local wines. Our sommelier, Paula Andrea Rojas, harmonizes a wine list with our dishes. In this way, culinary creations’ flavors, smells, and textures are enhanced.

Our main objective is that what reaches your table meets the highest quality standards. Not in vain have we obtained recognition highlighting both our gastronomic menu and the wine list.

Service is critical to the dining experience

Behind exquisite attention, a team strives to make your evening perfect. Miguel Reyes is our head waiter, who is in charge of conveying to the diner the highlights of each dish from our kitchens.

We have opted for a professional team in all areas of the restaurant. Furthermore, not only will the chef and sommelier give you the most appropriate advice, but the front-of-house team will also provide you with the best service. They will guide you through the tasting menu, turning your dinner into a journey where you will discover the authentic flavors of the Canary Islands through its products.

Donaire es un restaurante donde degustar alta gastronomía ee Tenerife

Transforming the local product

A clear example of how our kitchen team transforms a seemingly simple product is our dish, “Canarian tomatoes seasoned in the purest Donaire style.” We keep all the ingredients of such a typical dish but give it a creative touch with the cloud of vinegar that covers it or the pearls of Arico olive oil. Therefore, we always seek to include transformative elements or techniques.

Without a doubt, by visiting the Donaire Restaurant, you will be able to enjoy the local product initially and surprisingly. If you are a lover of good food and an enthusiast of enjoying excellent wines, you should not miss visiting us.

We will be waiting for you at the Donaire Restaurant

We offer tasting menus where you can try several of our most outstanding creations. At Donaire, our goal is to provide honest cuisine, where we enhance the flavor of each ingredient.

Be sure to book a table with us and see the quality of our raw materials. We are waiting for you!