Secrets behind creating a restaurant menu

March 4, 2024

Haute cuisine recognizes that a good restaurant menu is essential to shine and stand out. At Donaire restaurant, we know that one of the best letters of presentation of a restaurant is to offer a tasting menu.

With it, diners can tour Donaire’s most outstanding gastronomic presentations and enjoy a delicious experience.

To consider when creating a tasting menu

As we know, a tasting menu takes a tour of the most select offering of dishes available in the restaurant. This prevalent presentation format in haute cuisine allows the restaurant to show its culinary creativity to its customers, making them taste its best creations.

As often happens, the desire to innovate influenced the development of different types of menus with alternative and surprising shapes. One of these new ways generated the creation of what is now known as a tasting menu.

The tasting menu comprises a selection of the most representative dishes of the restaurant’s culinary style. It is essential to know that these menus are based on the quality and presentation of each dish.

At Donaire, we offer two tasting menu proposals: the Victoria Menu, the complete experience of Donaire gastronomy, and the Donaire Menu, with all the essence of our cuisine.

The idea of the tasting menu is to offer diners a complete experience of the gastronomic spirit of the place. Therefore, some parameters must be considered to ensure the restaurant enjoys it.

The idea of the tasting menu is to offer diners a complete experience of the gastronomic spirit of the place.

Balanced portions

In a tasting menu, the diner aims to try various proposals. The number of dishes is high so that balance will prevail, and the portions will need to be correct so that the diner can enjoy all the dishes right up to the desserts.

A marked scheme

The style and selection of dishes will always depend on the creativity of each kitchen. But every kitchen knows that it is essential to follow a scheme that must be respected for correspondence and gastronomic agreement reasons. In this sense, the tasting menu that we offer at Donaire offers the dishes in the following order:

  • The appetizers.
  • Fish dishes.
  • Meat dishes.
  • Desserts.

The diner will eat the lightest first by serving it in this order. After whetting his appetite, he will continue with the most filling to finish with the desserts. Enjoying this menu for two people or more is the most common thing.

Show off the possibilities and options

The variety in the gastronomic offer hooks a diner and makes him want to repeat. We take risks with the plating and show customers the variety of options from Donaire’s kitchen. We always bet on the quality of the ingredients, which is the first step, so diners leave satisfied.