The importance of plating at Donaire Restaurant

March 27, 2024

At Donaire, we recognize the importance of plating as a fundamental element in stimulating diners’ true gastronomic experience.

If you were to ask us about some of our secrets to success, we would undoubtedly say that, in addition to enhancing the flavor of each dish, we do meticulous work in each presentation.

Food atracts all eyes

Recognizing the importance of plating is a way to conquer and attract customers’ curiosity. Far from inventing or discovering something new, what we say is typical of popular wisdom. Have you ever heard that food enters through the eyes?

It is a reasonably universal saying. Anyone presented with a dish with care and dedication will immediately desire to taste the food.

Thus, visual attraction becomes one of the most essential aspects of diners’ gastronomic experiences, allowing them to enjoy both the preparation and the moment.

Creating visual magic

The creative presentation of a dish can transform a salty dish into a sweet temptation for the eyes, surprising the diner. For example, our sea bass dish has various beet textures, highlighting the liquid sphere of beet and male vinegar, which provides texture and creates the visual impact we are looking for.

It is complemented with beet powder and male healing spheres. The aquamarine sea bass is lightly dry-cured for about 12 hours.

Our work is meticulous and creative

Suppose something allows us to distinguish ourselves from other restaurants south of Tenerife. In that case, our team’s effort to guarantee a perfect evening also involves the presentation of the dishes.

Each of our preparations reaches the table after a moment of creativity. Every detail counts, and our kitchen team knows it, so their meticulous effort results in unique plating, where art and food are one. We make it possible because:

  1. We strive for careful and aesthetic plating. We always intend to create expectations in the diner and awaken their interest in the preparation.
  2. We look for a visual balance between each of the ingredients in the preparation. We bring knowledge of aesthetics to each dish so that it looks like a true work of art.
  3. Finally, we intend that the strategic presentation of the ingredients will make each bite the perfect mix of flavors and textures.

Although it may be easy, it deserves the effort and knowledge necessary to achieve harmonious presentations. For this reason, we have trained professionals to awaken curiosity in those who visit us. Our goal is to guide you to the enjoyment of true culinary pleasure.

Enjoy the best culinary experience in the south of Tenerife

At Donaire, we pride ourselves on offering an authentic haute cuisine service. We offer a unique proposal among all the restaurants in southern Tenerife. True specialists know and apply different types and plating techniques depending on the preparation. 

We invite you to visit our restaurant to enjoy an excellent culinary experience. In addition to the palate, you can delight your eyes with gastronomic presentations full of textures, colors, and shapes. See for yourself the aesthetic importance of the dishes and come and enjoy our harmonic and delicious dishes.