Victoria Tasting Menu: A Theatrical Dining Experience at Donaire Restaurant

December 5, 2023

The Victoria tasting menu is much more than a menu. By choosing it, you are deciding to have a unique gastronomic experience. This menu represents all the creativity of our chef Jesús Camacho’s kitchen.

In it, you will find the highest gastronomy and see that our tasting menu is a quasi-theatrical staging that will surprise and delight you in equal parts. We will tell you some details of how this culinary proposal is composed. 

Victoria tasting menu: an unforgettable experience

This special tasting menu has been created to delight. Just as each element of a theatrical play is selected and placed in its place to capture the viewer, our gastronomic proposal aims to surprise the diner.

The three stages of this distinguished menu from our Donaire restaurant have the same objective. 

Overture and aperitif, a great start

The first approach to our gastronomic proposal is made up of finger foods. The curtain opens to begin this experience with a variety of flavors and textures:

  • Smoked millet bonbon with spicy touches
  • Ginger and cinnamon tuile with Lanzarote sweet potato, cilantro, and miso.
  • Guayonje onion in textures, wakame, and Korean mayonnaise.

Each ingredient was specially chosen to show the highest gastronomy of these islands. Components that are part of a culture of origin transformed by the innovation and creativity of our culinary team.

The seasoned tomatoes of any Tenerife guachinche inspire the appetizer we offer. We keep all the classic ingredients with the Orone tomato, oregano, and garlic… but give it a creative touch with the cloud of vinegar that covers it or the Arico olive oil pearls.

Main act

Here, you will find a unique experience with marked flavors where we highlight the products of our land. These are worked with culinary techniques from various origins, giving the palate unforgettable textures and sensations. Some of the dishes that you can enjoy on the menu are:

  • Vieja: this fish, typical of our coasts, is used to the maximum. Nothing is wasted. Eating its freshly prepared crispy flakes is a delicacy that cannot be missed. This dish is completed with rice cooked with tapioca pearls, which gives it an incredible melty texture.
  • Gnocchi: they are an interlude between the first and second parts of the main act. This is composed of beautiful potatoes, prominent cheese (with a robust taste), and a base of beef poultry cut with mushrooms confit with a special butter (goat).
  • Duck: We use the Barbarie duck, native to South America but raised in Galicia and is the main component. It has an intense flavor and practically no fat. It is accompanied by fresh watercress and almonds, typical products of our islands.

These dishes are a true delight of flavors, and we leave others without details so you can visit us and be surprised.


It comprises a pre-dessert and two very different desserts, which share an aesthetic line. Amalfi, Mont Blanc, and Flor de Guía give a touch of sweetness at the end of this menu.

High Gastronomy in Tenerife

The DONAIRE restaurant is recommended in the 2023 edition of the MICHELIN Guide Spain and Portugal. As specialists in the highest gastronomy, they recommend our Victoria tasting menu. Our culinary proposal with marked Canarian roots, careful and delicate presentations, and the enormous prominence of local products stand out.

If you want to dine in Tenerife, we have a memorable experience for you. We will wait for you!