The key to a good wine pairing

December 21, 2023

Experience a good wine pairing in Tenerife with the expertise of our sommelier, Paula Andrea Rojas. Her knowledge and skills will take your taste buds on a journey you’ll never forget. At the Donaire Restaurant, we offer an outstanding selection of Canarian wines. Paula will recommend the perfect wine for the dish you decide to delight your palate with.

Improve the taste of your food by pairing it with the appropriate wine

A good wine that perfectly complements our kitchen team’s preparations enhances flavors. For our tasting menus, the pairing will be a combination of regional wines and foreign wines. Paula knows very well which is the best.

If you are passionate about good food, you will know that quality wine cannot be missing to accompany your meals. Ask our sommelier for advice on the best pairing for your selection of dishes. 

The best Canarian wine list

Paula Rojas was the one who created the Canarian wine list, especially for Donaire´s guests. This letter won first prize in the “XIX Edition of the Regional Wine List Contest for Hospitality, Restaurants, and Specialized Stores”. Paula is responsible for managing our wine cellar. She knows the available options in detail. 

Your night will become unforgettable when you taste this magnificent pairing between the dishes from the Victoria menu and the Donaire menu. Do not hesitate to ask for our expert’s recommendation.

Wine pairing in Tenerife
Paula Andrea Roja sommelier at Donaire

We are committed to the quality of local wines

The region’s producers and merchants carry out the highest quality and artisanal work. For this reason, at Donaire, we support local products. We are proud of our land’s products and materials and want the diner to enjoy authenticity in every bite.

Along with our gastronomic proposal, pairing is an important pillar that will elevate your dinner. Selecting the wine to accompany each dish is not a simple task; it has to do with the senses, the flavors, the textures, so they merge and combine impeccably. 

If you are in Tenerife, enjoy a high quality pairing at Donaire

Food is essential for an excellent gastronomic experience, but combining it with a thriving selection of wines is equally crucial. Your sense of smell is recreated with the most exquisite smells, and your palate tastes incomparable flavors and textures that cannot be described in words.

Come live the experience by yourself. Both our tasting menus and the local wine list have been recognized. We invite you to make a reservation at the Donaire Restaurant during your visit to Tenerife. You will experience a dinner that will captivate all your senses as you immerse yourself in a night of unique flavors and aromas.

In addition, you will enjoy an immersive atmosphere in a restaurant recommended in the 2023 edition of the Michelin Guide Spain and Portugal.